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Mary Johnson, Marketing Director of Serena Inc.
Not getting quality talents — despite paying hefty fees — is a thing of the past! All thanks to SkillDB, which helped us scout the best talent for our project, and that too without breaking our wallet.
John D'Mello, CEO of Arcane Corporation
I wanted an ecom website but had 0 technical knowledge. So I contacted their team and their support is unparalleled! SkillDB not only helped in shortlisting the right technology, but also the right talent!
David Lee, CFO of BigCo Industries
When SkillDB claims to offer reliable talent, they actually mean it. The designer that I hired was extremely talented, his communication skills were impeccable and most importantly, he delivered the project on time.
Reyna Robert, Marketing Manager at Nexus Technologies
SkillDB is now our de facto platform for hiring professionals. The listed talents are top-tier and their expertise helped us effectively execute our projects. I wish I found SkillDB sooner!!!...
Sarah Chen, HR Manager of FusionTech

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More about automation testing

What is automation testing?

Automation testing is a technique that uses automation tools to automatically run a set of test cases, delivering faster and more accurate results than manual testing methods. It is convenient to use this method in large projects or where testing needs to be repeated many times.

Automated testing tools analyze the software, report outcomes, and compare results with earlier test runs. Generally, automation testers use programming languages such as C#JavaScript, and Ruby.

What are the different types of automated testing?

There are various kinds of automated testing that can be used to test the software, such as:

  • Functional testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Keyword-driven testing
  • Data-driven testing

Automated vs. Manual testing

Here are the key differences between automated and manual testing:

  • Automation testing doesn’t require human involvement because they are performed automatically. In contrast, manual testing is performed manually by QA testers.
  • In terms of investment, automation testing requires automation tools, and manual testing requires human resources.
  • Automation testers write test scripts and then automate test execution and generate the report, whereas manual testers need to take care of everything from test creation and execution to analysis.
  • Automation testing is fully automated and reliable because it is code and script-based, but manual testing can’t be completely accurate as there are chances of human error.
  • In automation testing, the process is faster and more efficient because it uses some software tools. On the other hand, manual testing is time-consuming because it is done by humans instead of any software tools.
  • Automation testing uses frameworks such as Data Drive, Keyword, etc. In contrast, manual testing doesn’t use frameworks.
  • Regarding nightly execution, automation testing can be batched, but manual testing can’t be.

Benefits of automation testing

There are several benefits of automation testing, such as:

Testing on multiple platforms

Automation testing has cross-browser compatibility to simultaneously test an application on different browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Reusable test scripts

Developing test cases is time-consuming; that’s why automation testing offers you the reusability of test scripts. With this feature, you can minimize the effort of manual coding.

Fast development and deployment

Automation tests are executed repeatedly and completed rapidly. It eliminates the need to wait for weeks to execute the tests; within a few hours, execution can be done. It reduces the waiting time and boosts development when you switch from manual to automation testing.

Faster feedback cycle

Automation tests reduce the time needed to complete a feedback cycle for new software features. As a result, testers bring input to the development team faster, and they will be able to fix the bugs in code more quickly.

How to hire automation testers from SkillDB?

You can hire dedicated automation testers through SkillDB Talent Marketplace. Our listed talents are pre-screened by their parent company.

You can get automation testers for your software through a quick overview of the talent’s profile, including their work expertise, skills knowledge, and past project details.

After that, you can submit your project requirements to hire your preferred automation tester, and we will help you connect with them.

Popular automation testing services

You can hire automation testers via SkillDB for several automation testing services, such as:

  • Automated functional testing
  • Automated performance testing
  • Automated integration testing
  • Automated compatibility testing
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser testing
  • Test script development
  • Mobile app testing services
  • Automation testing maintenance and support

Got questions about automation?

When is automation testing used?

Automation testing is used when we have to execute the same test cases on multiple machines simultaneously. It avoids human error in the testing and is more efficient to use.

How much will it cost to hire automation testers?

Hiring automation testers will depend on several cost-affecting factors, such as technical knowledge, work expertise, profile rating, and past project details.

You can get an estimated cost of hiring your preferred automation testers via SkillDB by submitting your project specifications.

Can I hire automation testers for hourly or project-based tasks?

You can contract hire the best automation testers through SkillDB Talent Marketplace for your software development projects. We will help you to connect with the talent’s team, and you can discuss your project requirements with them about the automation tester's availability and your preferred payment method (hourly or project-based).

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