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How to hire from SkillDB Talent Marketplace?

Whether you have a creative or highly technical project, you can bank on us.

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We have a diverse pool of talent from top companies available for hire. Be it a creative or technical project, you will get talents from our marketplace.

Discuss your project details

After identifying your candidate, share your project details with us. We’ll schedule an interview and facilitate the process. Our experts can also recommend skilled talents based on your requirements.

Hire your preferred talent

The ball is in your court. If the interview went successful, you can sign the contract with the talent’s organization on your terms & preferences.

Ongoing support

We are committed to offering 100% satisfaction to our clients. Throughout the hiring or working process, if you face any issues with the talent — we have your back. Our team will assist you in resolving the issue.
Our happy customers
What I really loved about SkillDB was that they connected me with skilled professionals, and that too from reliable companies! This was a cherry on top as I had bad experiences with freelancers.
Mary Johnson, Marketing Director of Serena Inc.
Not getting quality talents — despite paying hefty fees — is a thing of the past! All thanks to SkillDB, which helped us scout the best talent for our project, and that too without breaking our wallet.
John D'Mello, CEO of Arcane Corporation
I wanted an ecom website but had 0 technical knowledge. So I contacted their team and their support is unparalleled! SkillDB not only helped in shortlisting the right technology, but also the right talent!
David Lee, CFO of BigCo Industries
When SkillDB claims to offer reliable talent, they actually mean it. The designer that I hired was extremely talented, his communication skills were impeccable and most importantly, he delivered the project on time.
Reyna Robert, Marketing Manager at Nexus Technologies
SkillDB is now our de facto platform for hiring professionals. The listed talents are top-tier and their expertise helped us effectively execute our projects. I wish I found SkillDB sooner!!!...
Sarah Chen, HR Manager of FusionTech

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More about Figma

What is Figma?

Figma is an online collaborative tool that helps in designing user interfaces. You can use Figma to design web and mobile interfaces, animate vectors, and so much more. It was released on September 27, 2016, and over the years, it turned into one of the most popular design tools in the market owing to its ease of use and real-time collaborative features.

Benefits of using Figma for design


It is free to use and has no limitation on the number of teammates you can invite.


Figma offers real-time collaboration, which helps in getting quick feedback (such as comments) and makes it easier to build designs collectively. For instance, the designers can share the designs with developers and make the changes in real-time without needing to export any files or switch to any other tools. The designs can be accessed from any device at any time. 

Team libraries 

Figma supports creating team libraries, using which you can create style guides and components. All the styles and reusable components can be shared to establish organization-wide consistency in design. 

Community support 

Figma has an active community of designers that create new templates and widgets for public use. It also has active forums where designers can get feedback and get plenty of Figma resources. 


Using this feature, Figma designers can create interactive animation flows that previews how the UI would react upon user interaction. The prototyping feature eliminates the need to use separate software like Marvel or InVision for animated prototyping.


There are a lot of plugins and widgets for automation that make designing easier. Whether you wish to remove an image’s background or find icons for the logo — there’s a Figma plugin for it.


In addition to designing, Figma also makes development easy. Figma automatically generates CSS codes for your designs, which makes it easier for developers to replicate the design. 

Export formats

All the assets on Figma can be easily exported in the format that you need — be it PNG, JPG, or SVG.

How to hire Figma designers?

Hiring skilled Figma designers is easy with SkillDB. We curate a large number of highly skilled Figma designers from the best design agencies.

At SkillDB Talent Marketplace, you can get all the necessary information to help you make an informed choice — like the Figma designer’s level of experience, past projects, proficiency in designing tools, and past projects. All these pointers can help you shortlist the ideal candidate.

To hire your preferred talent, just click on the “hire” button in the talent’s profile and fill in your requirements and that’s it.

Popular Figma designing services

Figma designers are usually hired for these services:

  • UX design
  • UI design 
  • Wireframing 
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design 
  • Website designing 
  • Application designing
  • Mockups

Figma designer skills

These are the skills you should look for while hiring Figma designers for your projects:

  • The designer should be familiar with the tools and functionalities offered by Figma. 
  • Figma designers need to have a good understanding of typography and color theory to create stunning visuals.
  • Knowledge about UI/UX design principles is a plus point, which can be applied to the project. 
  • The Figma designer should be good at envisioning the product. Based on the client’s needs, the designer should be creative enough to create mockups to bring that client’s vision into reality.

Got questions about Figma?

Will I get access to the Figma files related to my project?

Absolutely! When you hire Figma designers from SkillDB, you can set this expectation while finalizing the contract with the organization.

How much does it cost to hire Figma designers from SkillDB?

The actual cost of hiring a Figma designer will depend on the type of your project (UI design, UX design, graphic design, etc), the project’s complexity, the expertise level of the designer, and lot more.

You can get Figma designers of all experience levels from SkillDB.

Why should I outsource my Figma design project?

There are several benefits of outsourcing your Figma projects. For starters, you get access to professionals who are highly skilled at this craft, which leads to higher efficiency and faster project completion. You can hire Figma designers from reputable designing companies with SkillDB.

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